Mont Tremblant is a beautiful ski resort but there is more than just the one family friendly ski resorts to choose from today. Most people think that skiing is just for the grownups when in fact, it can be for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate skier or expert, there is always something there for you. However, when it comes the time to travel with the family, it’s hard to get to a resort that offers something for all the family. So, what are 15 of the top family ski hills in Canada to choose from today?

Mont Tremblant

One of the very best ski resorts and hills that are great for all the family has to be Mont Tremblant. This is a lovely place to visit and it’s good for most family members. It isn’t too far from the city of Montreal and there is plenty of shops to visit as well as plenty of hotels to stay in too. Of course, this is good for those who love to shop and ski!


Mont-Sainte-Anne is a lovely place to ski for the entire family. This isn’t too far from Quebec City and the mountains are absolutely lovely. However, you do need to look for accommodations early like Whistler accommodations in Canada too. Of course, most hotels don’t get booked out too quickly but condos can so be quick, read more!

Sunshine Village

Sunshine has three beautiful mountains that will be perfect for most people. Its family friendly and its certainly going to be one of the best options to consider today too; of course, there is plenty to see and do. Most families will enjoy what Sunshine has to offer though. It’s like Mont Tremblant though it’s great for beginners too.

Lake Louise

This is a huge place to visit and there are lots of skiing hills to enjoy too. Lake Louise in a great little resort to consider and there is plenty for the entire family to see and do there. When looking for condos, they go quick like Jackson Hole condo rentals so be quick.


This is really a small resort but actually, it’s one of the very best. This is going to be one that all the family will enjoy and it certainly has everything you will want. Again, Jackson Hole condo rentals in Canada go quick and so do the Norquay condos too.

The 10 Top Destinations to Visit

Family Ski Hills in Canada

• Big White
• Silver Star
• Sun Peaks
• Fernie
• Jackson Hole
• Cypress Mountain (
• Grouse Mountain
• Seymour Mountain
• Apex
• Red Mountain

The entire 15 resorts and hillsides are all very lovely and so appealing too. These are fantastic places to ski and snowboard and to be honest, anyone who uses these ranges will enjoy what they have to offer. Most people and most families will enjoy what the ski resorts have to offer. Mont Tremblant is just one amazing ski resort; there are also 14 others that also offer a great destination.