There are many beautiful ski resorts such as Mont Tremblant that will amuse and entertain all who visit, however, its sometimes, hard to choose a ski resort that is best for everyone. Beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert skiers all look for the next big challenge because they want to be able to enjoy the slopes but also challenge themselves in the process. What will be the best terrain and slopes for intermediate skiers?

Soft with Plenty of Power

For intermediate skiers, they are going to be well suited for terrain that is much snowier with lots of trees. That might not sound great but actually it is because the ground isn’t too hard, but not too soft either; it’s somewhere in between with plenty of shelter. The terrain does offer a nice firm run for skiers and even though, intermediate is more advanced than beginners, the skiers still have lots to learn. The slopes aren’t as high but there is no need to stick to the safe nursery slopes either like Mont Tremblant.

Big White Ski Resort

This resort is actually one of the very best resorts to choose from for intermediate skiers. The resort has many impressive mountains and hill slopes to enjoy and there is plenty of snow covered areas to enjoy. The terrain here is mostly best for intermediates as there are more tree areas and lots of open ground too with soft snow. It’s very much like Mont Tremblant Canada; it’s very beautiful and just offers gorgeous scenery too.

Panorama Resort

This is really a ski in, sky out resort which means that you can enjoy the skiing nonstop. The skiing starts before you even hit the slopes but again, the terrain is firm with an abundance of snow and trees as far as the eye can see. The slopes are challenging but they do move on slowly from the nursery slopes which are best for the beginners. There are some nice open bowl areas to really allow the intermediates to ski until they drop! Of course, you need to find some great accommodations like the Jackson Hole condo rentals; you need to find rentals in the area.check info at

Whistler Resort

Whistler resort is actually good because it works for everyone. There are some great nursery slopes for the beginners, slightly open bowl areas for the intermediate and large open bowl areas for the experts. The terrain here varies from slope to slope and there is something for everyone which can be great if you and your family are all at different levels for skiing. There are also some lovely Whistler accommodations BC to choose from so look out for them too.

Intermediate Skiers

Know Your Terrain

To be honest, when it comes the time to go skiing, you need to understand your skill level before choosing a resort. You might not be much more skilled than the intermediate so it would be best to stick close to resorts that cater for intermediate skiers. The intermediate terrain is still quite challenging and even though it’s not as rugged as the expert, it’s certainly going to test the skiers moving on from the beginner’s level. Mont Tremblant, Jackson Hole and many other resorts are great but you need to know your terrain before you can choose a ski resort.